Fall Plumbing Prevention

acadian plumbingEvery season presents issues for homeowners and Fall is no exception.  But there are some things that just shouldn’t be DIY’ed.  Take a closer look here at some plumbing issues that can be handled for you easily by a professional plumber, saving you money in the long run.


1) Blocked Drains:  As the leaves begin to fall, they cause a big mess in your sub-surface drainage system.   Wind, rain, and even traffic cause leaves to be blown into your home’s sub-surface drains, especially if you are unaware that your drain covers are damaged.   Call a professional plumber to have your sub-surface drainage system thoroughly checked.  Drain covers are often manufactured to fit a particular drain, consequently these should be measured and installed professionally.

2)  Water Heater:  As the ground cools, the water coming into your home cools as well.  Your water heater will need to work at double its capacity to heat the cold water.  The chances of your water heater failing increases as the temperature decreases.  Call a professional plumber to check and inspect your water heater to ensure hot water all winter long.
3)  Damaged/Broken Pipes:    When the water freezes and expands, pipes can crack or burst.  The best solution here is prevention.  Calling a professional plumber ensures that your pipes are insulated properly, from Styrofoam faucet covers to insulating pipe sleeves.
It often costs more money to fix damage from botched DIY jobs than it does to hire a professional plumber to do the job in the first place.  Acadian Plumbing’s employees have years of experience, giving them the insight and knowledge to tackle all of your plumbing needs, no matter the season.Acadian Plumbing

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