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Frequently Asked Questions:



Acadian Plumbing

What services does Acadian offer?

Acadian offers all household plumbing services, including drain and sewer cleaning, installation or repair of fixtures (including sinks, toilets, and bathtubs), water heater service and installation, rerouting water service and supply lines. We will also install dishwashers and garbage disposals, washing machines and dryers, and all gas line work including barbecues, porch lights and gas appliances like stoves. We also offer services to our business community.


Why doesn’t Acadian offer free estimates?

We have learned from past experience that estimates over the phone don’t work. It is difficult to assess a problem and give a fair estimate sight unseen. In the past, our technicians have found much bigger problems once a wall is opened. For example…we remove a leaky toilet that the homeowner thinks needs a wax ring only to discover that the leak is from a broken flange in the floor. It is then awkward to backtrack and say now you owe more because the estimate isn’t accurate. Another example – as pipes age, they can crack or crumble. When we are called to change the pipes under a kitchen sink, the connection at the wall is often corroded and will crack while the leak is being fixed. This is something we cannot predict. At least, if it happens and the homeowner is there, they can see the problem as it occurs. And finally, our technicians are our most valuable asset and they earn their pay from their time and expertise. We charge $99 for an estimate call – this is to cover the time of our technician and to defray fuel costs.


Will Acadian deliver water heaters or fixtures to my home?

Yes, if we are supplying the fixture or water heater, then we will deliver it to the job site. If you purchase your own fixture or appliance, you can have it delivered to your home and we will gladly install it for you!


What is the difference between drain cleaning and sewer cleaning?

Many times the pipes that run from your sinks, bathtubs, and showers can be cleaned from the fixtures themselves.  This is called drain cleaning.  However if they CANNOT be cleared in that way, our technician may have to clean the sewer stacks on your roof.  This becomes a sewer cleaning.  Toilets are always a sewer cleaning.


Does Acadian work weekends and after hours?

As a general rule, we don’t accept after hours or weekend/holiday work because we are a small family business and our technicians need to spend time with their families.  The supply houses are closed after regular business hours, as well as on weekends and holidays, making it difficult to get any necessary parts or supplies that might be needed for an unexpected emergency. However, there are circumstances when we will; for instance, an emergency for one of our regular customers because we value our repeat customers, or gas work because we take our gas work very seriously.


Does Acadian offer appointments and why might my expected time change?

We can offer a time frame in which you might expect us. And we will always call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive, just to confirm. Sometimes an earlier call may run longer than expected and those time frames may change, so actual appointment times can be tricky. We will never start a job and pull off to work somewhere else. When we are at your home or business, you are our priority. If you call in advance, we can schedule you as the first call of the day and give you a time.  This is especially common for our commercial customers.


Does Acadian accept Venmo or some other electronic payment option?

Not at this time. We deal with a local bank. We always try to support local businesses and that includes our bank. They do not accept these payment options at this time. If and when they do, we will offer that option. However we do accept cash, debit cards, checks, and credit cards.


Does Acadian install or service tankless water heaters?

We do install them and will service Ruud, Rheem, and Bradford White.