You may not know much about sand pumping, or how to install a water heater, and as plumbing experts in New Orleans, we don’t really expect you to. But when it comes to leaky faucets, knowing a few things can make your life a whole lot easier. So before any major issues arise, get to know your pipes and learn what you can look for to prevent a small problem from becoming a much larger repair.

Here are some tips to read that will help you understand the basics of plumbing and leaks.

Plumbing New OrleansSpot What’s Wrong

Instead of waiting for a puddle of water to build up in your basement, take a few minutes every once a month or so and inspect any visible pipes in your home. The last thing we want is for you to find that anything stored in your basement is ruined by a leaky pipe you never noticed. When inspecting pipes, look for rust, buckling or drops of water, and then call a plumbing expert right away.

Under the Sink

Below the kitchen sink is where a majority of people store cleaning products. It can be easy, when you’re getting ready to clean your kitchen, to quickly grab what you need and ignore the pipes coming from above. But before you close the cabinet door, take a peek at the pipes to see that they’re doing OK. Again, look for rust or drops of water that could be pooling on the floor.

Leaky Water Heater?

If any appliance in your home is leaking water, it’s not a good sign. With water heaters, the lining can wear away as it ages and it will begin dripping from the base. If left unfixed, the water can cause mold to grow, especially in the New Orleans heat. And if you have to change the water heater, make sure to install a pan beneath it to catch any dripping water.

Install New Washers and O-Rings

On your bathroom or kitchen faucet, if the washer or o-ring is worn out, if you squeeze it, some water will drip out. Instead of spending money on a new faucet, try replacing the washer first, retighten it, and then put the handle back on to test it out.

Plumbing New OrleansFaucets Don’t Last Forever

After years of use and turning the water on and off, it’s no surprise that a faucet will wear out and become less effective. Even if you do love the style of the old faucet, it’s probably a good idea to simply replace it if the finishing and parts have become so corroded it doesn’t work any longer.

Dripping Shower Head?

Similar to replacing the washer in your bathroom or kitchen faucet, if you have a leaky shower head, it could be a simple fix. However, make sure you can isolate the water to that area before you start any work. First, disassemble the handles, take out the stem where the washer is, replace it, and put everything back together.

Leaky faucets can sometimes be fixed without a professional plumber, but there are many other plumbing services that need professional attention. If you live in New Orleans, contact the experts at Acadian Plumbing, your trusted plumbing experts.