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Sand Pumping under a slab or below a foundation will help to stabilize the area and prevent further damage. The sand protect the pilings underneath a home or business. In addition, the sand supports the foundation, plumbing, and it eliminates pockets where water can pool and cause damage.

A sand pump can be used in a number of different instances, but they are referred to as sand pumps because they are most often used to move sand deposits from one point to another. Sand pumps can be used to fill a sinkhole near the sides of the slab, fill pockets underneath foundations, and even to fill low spots in yards. In addition, a sand pump is used in conjunction with hydro-tunneling. Hydro Tunneling is the process of excavating the soil from under a home or building to expose a damaged pipe for repair. Once the repair is completed, dry sand is pumped to fill the tunnel protecting the foundation and pipes.

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