A Video Inspection is one of the most efficient means to inspect plumbing pipes.

A video inspection is a valuable tool for analyzing and diagnosing the integrity of a property’s plumbing system.It is one of the most valuable home inspections that can identify potential or existing plumbing problems.

At Acadian Plumbing, we use video camera equipment to accurately record and inspect sewer lines and other pipes that are in the cement, underground, or in a property’s foundation.

We use a custom-made high-resolution plumbing camera that inspects pipelines from 2″ to 36″ in diameter and records the data images of the pipe. A professionally trained plumbing technician inserts a flexible push rod into the pipe and maneuvers the camera through the curves and turns of the entire pipe system. The technician inspects the pipe integrity with the camera video and images to determine the condition of the pipe and to access in existing or potential problems.

The video and image data are stored on a flash drive and a copy is made available to the customer. The video inspection can identify a variety of plumbing problems that include pipe cracks, misaligned pipes, corroded pipes, grease buildup, leaks, and obstructions. It can also help to locate items that may have fallen into the pipe such as jewelry or other valuables.

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