Your home depends on your hot water heater for a lot. You’ll need it for showers, washing hands, cleaning dishes, cooking, doing your laundry, and so much more. Essentially, any task where you need access to water that isn’t freezing cold. We often forget how much we depend on the water heater in our homes until it fails. Suddenly you’ll realize how much you use it and how badly you need it in working order again soon. If you can avoid the sudden failure of your water heater, you can avoid a lot of turmoil (and potentially a lot of water damage to your home). That’s why it’s good to familiarize yourself with some of the signs that your hot water heater could be on the brink of failure.

Our plumbing team in New Orleans has worked on water heaters of all types in all conditions. Thanks to our experience, we’ve gotten to know what signs are common to water heaters that are in danger of failing. Here are some of the most common signs we’ve seen and ones that you can watch out for in your own home. Are you seeing any of these signs? Give our team a call day or night and we’ll be there to help you with your water heater or other plumbing issues!

Watching For These Signs That Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

Your energy bill is slowly creeping higher each month.

If you’ve noticed that you are spending more on your monthly energy bill than you used to, it could be your water heater to blame. As water heaters age, they start to use more energy to do the same job. That means they are pulling more resources but not actually offering any more benefit. You’ll want to have your water heater checked to see if there is a blockage of some kind or another problem that is affecting the efficiency of the water heater.

You get less hot water out of the tank than you used to get.

Is your morning shower running cold about halfway through? Is the family racing through their morning routine to ensure they get a share of the hot water that’s available? If you don’t remember this always being an issue in your household, then your water heater is to blame and might need to be replaced. Dirt and other debris can build up inside of your water heater tank through the year, eventually impacting the performance of the water heater and leaving you with less hot water than before.

The water coming from the tank is off-color or smells odd.

If the hot water in your house smells off or looks strange, that might be due to rust in your tank. You’ll want to determine if it’s your hot water heater or your pipes first, though. A simple test to determine this is to run just cold water out of your tap; if it’s rust-free, then it’s likely only the water from the tank that’s rusty and not your pipes. Rust is a hot water heater’s worst enemy and could be yours, too. That’s because rust can eat through the tank and leave you with a flood to clean up.

Your water heater makes strange sounds when it starts to work.

All water heaters make a little bit of noise when they fire up or start to supply hot water to somewhere in your home. But knocking, rattling, and banging are all warning noises that should be taken seriously. This is usually a sign that dirt and sand that have collected within the tank over the years have hardened and are now impeding the work of the water heater. Often, this sediment builds up around the heating elements of the tank and restricts the temperature of the water as well as how much water you’ll get from the tank.

There is water or moisture around the hot water heater.

If you see water around the base of your hot water heater, you’ll want to call a plumbing professional immediately. That’s a definite sign that something is wrong and your tank could fail at any moment. When a water heater fails, it can flood the area that it is in and leave you with hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of property damage to repair. Don’t take the chance; if water appears, call our emergency plumbing services right away.

Even If There Are No Signs, You Might Need to Replace

It’s a lot easier to know that it’s time to replace your hot water heater when these tell-tale signs are there. But there is one circumstance when you should replace your hot water heater when you might not have any signs of distress yet at all; that’s when your tank it 10 years old or more. Many homeowners don’t bother to replace their hot water heater until it starts to cause issues. That’s understandable. But if the water heater in your home is more than ten years old, you should still consider replacing it even if it’s still working fine at the moment. That’s because older water heaters aren’t as efficient as modern ones. They use more energy for less production, meaning you are paying more than you should for the hot water used in your home. Investing in a new hot water heater could reduce your monthly energy bills, which over time could pay for the new unit. It’s an option that you should explore with your plumbing team; it could end up saving you money in the long run and save you from experiencing hot water heater failure.

Replace…Or Repair?

Before you purchase a new hot water heater, talk to a plumbing professional. Your tank might not need to be replaced, but instead just need some basic repairs done. Repairing your tank can extend the life of your water heater and help you save money on the cost of replacing it. But how do you know if you should repair or replace?

Replace it if…

  • It’s ten years old or older
  • You are repairing it more and more often
  • The tank has a leak

Repair it if…

  • The tank is relatively new
  • It’s the first time you’ve experienced an issue

The very best way to determine whether you should repair or replace your tank is to have it evaluated by a trusted professional. They can look at the tank and the issues you are experiencing and let you know whether you can get away with repairs for now or if it’s time to replace your tank with a new one.

Having Issues With Your Water Heater? We Can Help

Acadian Plumbing offers plumbing services in the New Orleans area. The next time your water heater is acting up. you can call on us. We’ll help you determine the cause of the issues you are experiencing and then provide you with a plan about how we can make it right again. We offer repair and replacement services and we’ll never talk you into a service that you don’t need or can’t use. Our honesty and commitment to providing quality plumbing services is how we’ve built a strong reputation for excellence within the New Orleans community. Don’t allow your home to be plagued by water heater issues! Get in touch with our team to make an appointment today.