Toilet, we have a problem. If something’s not right with your commode, it can affect the operations of your family and compromise the cleanliness and overall integrity of your home. However, it’s much easier to notice there’s a toilet problem than to understand what’s causing the problem.

In this blog, the New Orleans plumbing team at Acadia Plumbing will take a look at some of the most common toilet problems, and give you advice for what you should do about them. Don’t let your tricky toilet leave you flushed with anger and frustration—it’s time to restore your toilet to its normal working order!

The Weak Flush

Some toilets have more horsepower than others. It has nothing to do with toilet malfunctions or broken parts—some toilets are built to flush like a King Ranch, and others are built to flush like a 1985 Honda Civic. Take the first-generation 1.6 gallon flush toilet built from January 1, 1994 to mid-1997, for example. While these pots are certainly water efficient, they can barely flush a Tootsie Roll. No repairs or tuneups can fix that.

Take a look at the inside of your toilet tank. Inside, you’ll find a stamp with the manufacture date on it. If your toilet falls within the time range stated above, it’s probably time to get a toilet with a little more oomph.

If your toilet was manufactured before 1994, you might have some hard water deposits clogging up your syphon jet hole or your bowl rim holes. Carefully (CAREFULLY) pour a muriatic acid solution of one part acid, 10 parts water into the overflow tub of your toilet tank using a funnel—this will clear out your hard water buildup and improve your toilet’s efficiency.

If your toilet is only a few years old, and you’re getting weaker flushes than you’re used to, your hunch is right: there’s a clog somewhere down the line. Have your local plumbers check things out.

The Partial Flush

Your toilet’s flush game might be strong, but something doesn’t sound quite right. In fact, your toilet appears to keep “half-flushing,” taking part of the goods down the drain and leaving some goods behind. Not to worry—in times like these, the flapper valve in your toilet tank might be waterlogged and dropping too quickly. Take a look at your flapper—is it dropped before 80 percent or more of your toilet water has left the tank? If not, it’s time to head to your local hardware store and install a new flapper.

The Phantom Flush

We’ve all seen it before: your toilet, out of nowhere, begins filling with water like someone flushed it. Was it a ghost? Was it your cat? More often than not, it’s what the experts call a “phantom flush”—a fancy way to say that your toilet tank is leaking water back into your bowl.

This problem can be diagnosed using food dye. Just add some to your tank and wait about five or 10 minutes. If your toilet bowl ends up having food dye in it, your flapper has a weak connection and is leaking water. Off you go to the local hardware store—it’s time to buy a new flapper.

The Sluggish Flush

Does your toilet flush like it didn’t get enough sleep last night? That’s relatable, but it’s also a problem. A clog is the likely culprit here, and all it takes is a five-gallon bucket of water to find out for sure. Fill up the bucket with water and pour it as fast as you can into the bowl. If you the water goes straight down the drain, you probably don’t have a clog. But if water begins to back up and drain slowly, get your plunging muscles ready or call your local plumbing professionals.

A Drop In Water Level

You flush your business and go about your business, and at the start, everything seems normal. But later, you go back into the bathroom and notice that most of the water has left your toilet bowl. This is a familiar sight in the toilet world, and there could be one of two problems. Problem number one: you’ve got a fat wad of toilet paper stuck in the colon of your toilet bowl. You know what to do in times like these: pull out the plunger and get to work. Problem number two: your toilet has a cracked colon. Ouch! In times like these, all you can do is replace your toilet entirely.

Call Your New Orleans Plumbers

A temperamental toilet can be a hassle. Fortunately, Acadian Plumbing has seen every toilet problem in the book, and our expert toilet repair technicians can help you keep your toilet flushing with the best of them. Schedule an appointment with Acadian today!