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8 Most Common Plumbing Problems

8 Most Common Plumbing Problems If you have an older home, you may find that you have to call a plumber more often than your neighbors. Research shows that homeowners, depending on the age of their home, will call a plumber once every three years!  This may seem a lot to some, yet others [...]

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Slab Leak Signs

Slab Leak Signs What is a Slab Leak? The term slab leak describes a pipe leak that occurs in a water line running under a concrete slab. This does not mean that it is a huge gapping hole pumping a waterfall of water under and into your house.  A slab leak can be pinhole-sized or much [...]

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Choosing the Right Toilet for You

Choosing the Right Toilet for You Why do toilets not seem to flush the same way? Not so long ago, you could flush just about anything down your toilet and it would disappear without a hiccup.  So, if your curious toddler decided to flush a toy down the toilet, you did not have to worry [...]

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Hire A Professional Plumber

Hire A Professional Plumber Have you ever heard the saying, "I know enough to be dangerous?" Sometimes, when there is problem in your home, you can successfully fix the problem yourself. It may have even been the right choice because you saved money and it was a pretty simple job. However, other times, it may [...]

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Independent Home Inspector

Independent Home Inspector Buying a home is a BIG deal! It can be the best experience of your life or it can turn into the very worst. In the end, your decision to purchase may hinge on the inspections of the home. Be Careful on whom you choose to do the home inspections for [...]

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History of Plumbing: Babylonia

Babylon must have been a site to behold with its massive walled city, intricate network of canals, verdant crop lands, and of course the ziggurat temple city center. It was located about 50 miles south of Baghdad in what is now Iraq and below the soils beneath mounds or “tells” lies the evidence a [...]

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Humans vs. Machines

As technology advances, machines are created that can improve processes that only humans could once complete. One area in the plumbing industry that has improved is for under slab repairs. So, let our New Orleans plumbing team discuss the difference between Humans vs. Machines. You’ve probably heard about it or maybe you’ve even seen [...]

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