There are approximately one bajillion different causes of a broken or malfunctioning sewer line — but there’s only one way to truly figure out what’s causing your sewer line problem. In this blog, the New Orleans plumbers at Acadian Plumbing will discuss how video drain inspections work and how they can quickly diagnose sewer issues and identify sewer line damage.

How does a video drain inspection work?

Ultimately, the only way to know what’s going on with your sewer line is to have a look inside. That’s why many plumbing companies use a small, malleable sewer cable with a tiny camera on the end which can help plumbing professionals pinpoint your problems. This camera has a radio transmitter and uses infrared lighting to properly expose the inside of the pipe. This footage is then transmitted onto a monitor so plumbers can see what’s going on in the sewer line in real time.

By slowly running this camera and cable down your sewer line, the sewer line repair professionals at Acadian can find the exact location of the sewer line break and take action accordingly. This camera also helps our plumbers find the drain line, evaluate the current condition of the line, and understand the progression and layout of the sewer line, which can help plumbers use the right tools and develop the right strategies when working on the sewer line.

Benefits of Video Drain Inspections

In addition to locating a break in the sewer line, video drain inspections have plenty of other benefits. For example, plumbers performing the video inspection can learn what substance your sewer line is made of (which is an excellent indicator of its age), figure out if there is a single break or breaks in multiple locations, evaluate the overall state of your sewer line from top to bottom, and analyze your sewer line in order to decide whether to repair it or replace it in its entirety.

Why does it matter?

Without cables and cameras of today, plumbers of the past would have to dig up yards, sidewalks, streets, and other valuable properties just to diagnose a sewer line problem. This led many people to fear sewer line repair and the damage it could cause to beautiful landscaping, old trees, and historic or new homes.

Fortunately, video drain inspection combined with trenchless sewer repair makes fixing sewer damage easier than ever before. By diagnosing the problem without digging a trench, plumbers are able to perform the correct method of repair, like running a pipe lining through the sewer pipe or “fracturing” the pipe outward and replacing it with a new pipe. The more plumbers know about the extent of sewer damage before they dig, the less damage they’ll do to the property of homeowners.

Choose The New Orleans Sewer Line Repair Professionals

If you believe your sewer line is damaged or broken, it’s important to call the professionals as soon as possible. Acadian Plumbing is happy to perform video drain inspections and trenchless sewer repair so you can avoid costly home damage and have safe, sturdy plumbing for years to come. Contact us to schedule a service in your area today.